Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time out…. sorta kinda….

So this time out from pictures is sort of my fault… well you would think it’s ALL my fault, but technically I suppose it is.  I have been snapping pictures and just have not had a chance to download them to my computer.  I went to get the SD Card out of the camera last night to update and get caught up… well… it wasn’t there.. it was in my computer and all the photos that I had taken are gone or never were.

 Sad smile 

So my fault….. sort of.. You would think that the “NO CARD IN CAMERA” warning would have tipped me off.  I guess that’s what happens when I have numerous sick kids – not felt good myself—and trying to get ready to leave for Kansas City today!  I am taking my camera and I PROMISE to get caught up sometime this weekend!  I am going to be photographing something VERY VERY SPECIAL TONIGHT so those will be up as soon as I am able to have some editing time and computer time later this weekend!!!

I promise I have not forgotten…. just been extra blonde and extra preoccupied! 

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