Monday, February 13, 2012

44 :: 365

On the Eve of Valentine’s Day we had our Valentine’s dinner……Hairy Sausage and Sauce.. I know it sounds like a bad X rated movie, but it was GOOD and the kids had a blast helping make it and eating it!!!!

6 pieces of dry spaghetti and one piece of sausage…….


Katie focusing intently in her “job”!  She did great!!!  None of the other kids wanted to help..they just wanted to eat…. especially Jake, he was sooo pissed that we were taking so long to make dinner! 


Here is what it looks like BEFORE you put it in the boiling pot of water!!!



AFTER the boiling process…. Don’t they look cool???


And with the Tomato and Basil sauce.. It was a HUGE hit for dinner… with garlic bread it was definitely a “make again” dish!!!


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