Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

48 :: 365


Owen’s gingerbread house!  Apparently they needed help with construction and used milk cartons!  He was upset because he couldn’t eat it! 


47 :: 365


Josie’s 1st Grade Pottery Creation!  LOVE IT!!!!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

46 :: 365

If you have adopted you will know what this is!  OUR FINGERPRINT APPOINTMENT NOTICES from USCIS!! YAY… they aren’t scheduled until March 6th, but we are going down to Des Moines on Friday of this week to walk in and have them done!  So excited!!!


Monday, February 13, 2012

45 :: 365

Happy VALENTINE’S Day!!!!!!  We made 100 of these… I just keep thinking next year we will have probably 150 Valentines to do for all 6 kids!  SOOO excited!! 






44 :: 365

On the Eve of Valentine’s Day we had our Valentine’s dinner……Hairy Sausage and Sauce.. I know it sounds like a bad X rated movie, but it was GOOD and the kids had a blast helping make it and eating it!!!!

6 pieces of dry spaghetti and one piece of sausage…….


Katie focusing intently in her “job”!  She did great!!!  None of the other kids wanted to help..they just wanted to eat…. especially Jake, he was sooo pissed that we were taking so long to make dinner! 


Here is what it looks like BEFORE you put it in the boiling pot of water!!!



AFTER the boiling process…. Don’t they look cool???


And with the Tomato and Basil sauce.. It was a HUGE hit for dinner… with garlic bread it was definitely a “make again” dish!!!


43 :: 365


I got flowers early for Valentines.. Aren’t they beautiful????







42 :: 365


Jake LOVES to watch his big brother at the arena!!


41 :: 365


Took this picture at the hockey arena and thought it looked too cool!!!!



40 :: 365


It doesn’t get any cuter watching my 4 year old play hockey!!!


Oh LORD… I hope he doesn’t get used to being a goalie… TOO MUCH $$$  LOL




39 :: 365




38 :: 365

I didn’t know there were any of these around anymore!  I was quite the Cenipede player in my day!!!


But.. I couldn’t play.. I had to set an example for my kids.. NO QUARTERS… because they don’t understand that they don’t’ know how to play……but MOMMY DOES!!! 


37 :: 365

One more picture from Kim’s and a picture of Kim herself!!!

I LOVE this vase!!!!


And here is Kim… Thank you for hosting us at your home!!!!


36 :: 365


Another picture at Kim’s House no editing…..

Looking up from the bottom of the light!!


35 :: 365

We spent Saturday night after the conference at my friend  Kim Kupka’s house!  We had some much needed girl time and I went through her house (which is beautiful BTW) taking pictures of random stuff!

This is a light in their entry way….First one is straight of my camera!!!


With a little photo editing!!!  LOVE IT!!!



34 :: 365

Today I was in Kansas City, MO for a TSOT – Tastefully Simple on Tour Conference.  Over the course of two weekends, there are several training events held regionally over the nation!  Jill Blashack Strahan who is our Founder and CEO made a brief appearance at our event!  It was so awesome to see her!!  She’s an amazing speaker and I could listen to her all day long!!!


33 :: 365

A picture of a happy mommy and her little Lilly Krystal!!!


32 :: 365


This is the newest member of our house… Her name is Lilly Krystal and she comes everywhere with us and Katie is even co-sleeping with her in a crib right next to her bed!  We went out the other day and Miss Katie forgot her diaper bag…. It nearly caused a breakdown!


31 :: 365


My last cup of coffee today….Out of creamer so this last sip needed last me the rest of the day!!


30 :: 365


This photo maybe couldn’t have been enhanced a little bit, but I really liked the angle of The ARCH just like this…. this was taken from our window of the van as we drove by!  LOL



29 :: 365


Another bridge near the arch… Straight from my camera……


With just the smidge of photo enhancement!  I *heart* this one too… as you can see in the blog header above!  Winking smile


28 :: 365

Oh I am sooo behind in posting.. so there will be a flurry of pictures posted between tonight and tomorrow!!!!   I …WILL…GET…. CAUGHT… UP!!!!!

Bridge near The ARCH in St Louis, MO…  Straight from my camera……


After a little photo editing!  I LOVE THIS PIC.. this is why I added it to my blog header on


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time out…. sorta kinda….

So this time out from pictures is sort of my fault… well you would think it’s ALL my fault, but technically I suppose it is.  I have been snapping pictures and just have not had a chance to download them to my computer.  I went to get the SD Card out of the camera last night to update and get caught up… well… it wasn’t there.. it was in my computer and all the photos that I had taken are gone or never were.

 Sad smile 

So my fault….. sort of.. You would think that the “NO CARD IN CAMERA” warning would have tipped me off.  I guess that’s what happens when I have numerous sick kids – not felt good myself—and trying to get ready to leave for Kansas City today!  I am taking my camera and I PROMISE to get caught up sometime this weekend!  I am going to be photographing something VERY VERY SPECIAL TONIGHT so those will be up as soon as I am able to have some editing time and computer time later this weekend!!!

I promise I have not forgotten…. just been extra blonde and extra preoccupied! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

24 :: 365


The bane of my existence…. UNMATCHED SOCKS!!!  AHHHHHHH!!!!!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

22 :: 365


OH … Just when you think you are going to go crazy….. you find this in the cupboard!

LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!